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  1. E-mail or telephone reservations are valid only after written (e-mail) confirmation by an employee of the resort reception.
  2. Reservation is guaranteed after the payment of min. 40% of the value of your stay to the resort account. The amount of the advance payment depends on the advance with which the reservation is made. At the same time, the payment of the advance means the confirmation of acceptance of the conditions specified in the rules of reservation.
  3. Reservation made 7 days or less before the planned arrival is associated with the obligation to pay the total amount due for the stay.
  4. Failure to make an advance payment within 7 days from the moment of making a reservation automatically cancels the reservation.
  5. The remaining amount due for the stay shall be paid by a bank transfer to the bank account of the Resort no later than 7 days before the planned arrival or, upon the consent of the Reception employee, in cash on the day of arrival at the Reception of the Resort.
  6. In case of unforeseen circumstances, the resort reserves the right to change the cottage or room in relation to the one reserved by the guest. In such a case, the Centre is obliged to provide a cottage or a room of an identical standard and equipment.

Złoty Potok Resort

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Find us on a map

The property is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Visit us and relax surrounded by nature.

Find us on a map