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Is it possible for external guests to enter the premises?Entrance to the resort area for external guests is possible after paying 10 PLN/person, 10 PLN/parking (in summer season). No fee is charged in winter.
Does the internet at the resort allow you to surf the net freely?Due to our location, the Wi-Fi network provided for guests is not of the best quality, which we are unfortunately aware of. It certainly works as a means of communication, but there can be problems with the transmission and reception of films. We are still in discussions with providers to resolve the issue, for example through a fibre optic connection - something we are particularly keen on.
Can I come with my pet?Of course, pets are accepted, but a fee of 30 PLN/day applies. It is also necessary to comply with the rules of staying with a pet.
How many beds are available in your establishment?Our centre has a maximum capacity of 150 beds (not including parcels in the camping area).
Can I skip breakfast when they are included in the package?Unfortunately, this is not possible, the prices given in the price list are constantly updated by us to make sure that on our website you will get the best offer among all booking services.
I have made a reservation, are there any additional fees charged on the spot, not included in the cost of the stay?Only the local tax is payable on the spot, which is due to the Leśna commune. It amounts to 2PLN/person (for stays over a day).
Do the rooms have a balcony?Unfortunately, due to the structure of the building, none of our rooms have a balcony.
Are there towels in the houses / rooms?There are towels in each room, in the cabins you should equip yourself with them.
Is there a car park at the resort? Is it additionally payable?There is a free car park on the premises of the resort for guests with booked accommodation. For people from the outside there is a fee of 10PLN/car.
Is there a washing machine / dryer at the resort?Unfortunately, we do not have a washing machine / dryer available to guests at the moment.

Złoty Potok Resort

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Find us on a map

The property is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Visit us and relax surrounded by nature.

Find us on a map