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Celebrate unforgettable moments with us
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Celebrate special moments with us

There are times in our lives that require a special approach from us.
Birthdays, name days, baptisms, communions, anniversaries and many, many more. We want this day to be unlike any other day before, unique.
If you want to be sure that this day will remain in the memory of your guests for a long time - please contact us, we will be happy to arrange an individual meeting to take care of every detail and be able to fully meet the expectations.
All the details will be planned at the meeting, starting with the number of guests, the date, through the setting of tables in the room to choose the colors of napkins on the tables.

Many years of experience in the organization of various types of events allowed us to look at the planning of the event in a broader perspective and gather a lot of valuable knowledge. We provide advice, suggest the best solutions and dispel any doubts.
And if you are worried about the budget - let's define it in advance and the person managing the restaurant will prepare the best offer that we can offer.

Each of us deserves a break from everyday life and spending time in a slightly different form, in the company of loved ones, in a wonderful setting.

Celebrate special moments with us

Integration trips, promotion of new products, conferences, special events are indispensable elements of the functioning of all enterprises.

Złoty Potok Resort is a perfect place to organize such events. The perfect location, away from the hustle and bustle of cities, will make you not only rest from the sheer volume of duties, but also have a great time.

To meet your requirements, we provide assistance in the organization of various types of attractions.

We cordially invite you to submit inquiries to spend time in our Center.

We will take care of everything, as far as the guests are concerned, all that remains is to have fun.

Złoty Potok Resort

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Find us on a map

The property is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Visit us and relax surrounded by nature.

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