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The Regulations define the purpose and principles of operation of the video monitoring system at ZŁOTY POTOK RESORT SP. Z O.O. (hereinafter referred to as ZŁOTY POTOK RESORT SP. Z O.O. or the Company), the installation site of the system cameras on the premises of ZŁOTY POTOK RESORT SP. Z O.O. , rules for registering and saving information and the method of securing them, as well as the possibility of sharing the collected data on events.
The administrator of video monitoring devices is ZŁOTY POTOK RESORT SP. Z O.O.
The purpose of video monitoring is to ensure the safety of property and people on the premises of the infrastructure of operating units of Zloty Potok Resort Sp. z o.o. in the following locations:
  • Main Building (hotel)
  • Restaurant
  • Beach
  • Entry gate
The basis for introducing video monitoring in the company is Art. 6 sec. 1 point f) Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (general regulation on the protection of data).
  • The places subject to video surveillance in the Main Building are: main entrance, reception, outdoor terrace at the reception
  • The places subject to video surveillance in the restaurant are: bar, kitchen, outdoor restaurant terrace, restaurant room
The monitoring works around the clock.
Only the image (vision) from the cameras of the monitoring system is subject to registration and storage on a physical medium.
Video monitoring system at ZŁOTY POTOK RESORT SP. Z O.O. consists of the:
  • cameras recording events in a resolution enabling the identification of persons;
  • devices recording and recording images on a physical medium;
  • monitors that allow you to view recorded events.
Components of video monitoring are improved, exchanged and extended if necessary and financial possibilities.
The places subject to video surveillance are marked with appropriate information plates containing the camera pictogram.
There are boards at the entrances to the Company's operating units
information / information texts containing an information clause, in accordance with art. 13 GDPR.
The recorder with the monitoring monitor is located in designated rooms of individual operating units of ZŁOTY POTOK RESORT SP. Z O.O. . Only authorized employees of ZŁOTY POTOK RESORT SP. Have access to the recording and monitoring image. Z O.O. .
The recording from the monitoring system may be made available only to authorized bodies in the scope of their legal activities, e.g. the Police, Courts, the Public Prosecutor's Office, upon their written request. Sharing recordings with natural persons may violate the rights and freedoms of other third parties.
The storage period of the recorded data is up to 14 days, and then the data is deleted by overwriting the data on the image recording device. In practice, this period may be less than 14 days.
In justified cases, on the basis of the requests of the above-mentioned authorities, in particular, when the video monitoring devices registered an event related to a breach of the safety of persons and property, the period of data storage may be extended by the time necessary to complete the procedure, the subject of which is the event recorded by video surveillance.
A person interested in securing the monitoring data for the purposes of future proceedings may write to ZŁOTY POTOK RESORT SP. Z O.O. with a request to protect them against removal after the expiry of the standard period of their storage. The application must be submitted to the Company's office within 14 days from the date on which the event could be recorded by video surveillance. Applications submitted after this date may not guarantee image protection due to its possible removal from the recorder.
A correctly submitted application should contain the exact date and place, e.g. entrance gate, etc., and the approximate time of the event. Otherwise you will not be able to find the correct image.
There may be slight differences between the real time and the time shown in the monitoring footage because the system is not synchronized with the external time source.
Persons who have access to the image recorded by video surveillance are obliged to comply with the provisions of law on the protection of personal data, and their right to access this data requires express authorization by ZŁOTY POTOK RESORT SP. Z O.O.
The information obligation towards persons whose personal data may be recorded on monitoring is carried out by providing the monitoring regulations via the website and at the reception, in operating units of ZŁOTY POTOK RESORT SP. Z O.O. Most of the people captured on monitoring may not be identifiable.

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